COMING SOON:  Key Print Co X Digital Factory by CADlink


Since the release of our DTF Series a few weeks back, we have received a great deal of insight and interest in the printing method, and with the implementation of a new process in any shop, there are bound to be questions. We feel very lucky and grateful that our customers are ready and willing to share their concerns with us so that we may attempt to troubleshoot them, as that is our highest motive here at KPC Headquarters. With that being said, we have taken your questions and found a solution. Coming in 2022, we will be releasing a series of amazing products! One of which will feature the Digital Factory for Apparel Production and the add-on DTF Module by CADlink. It's a new apparel printing frontier here at Key Print Co, and we are so excited about it all, that we just had to give you all a sneak peek with this project!