What Types of Hats Can Be Decorated with Our Heat Press Kits?


To put it plain and simple, the answer is all kinds of hats can be decorated with the Captain Platen Kit for Heat Press! And not only that, but there is multitude of things to decorate using the Face Mask Kit for Heat Press as well! Whether the item is made of cotton, polyester, nylon, or a blend, as long as it can withstand the heat, then it can be decorated!

To best show you what we mean, in this project, we will be decorating a Dad Hat made of 100% cotton, and a polyester Trucker Hat using a Heat Transfer Vinyl design and both of our Heat Press Kits.

Decorating the Front Panels of Each Hat

If you would like to know how to use the Captain Platen Kit for Heat Press, click here! To learn how to use the Face Mask Kit for Heat Press, click here!

Regardless of the material being decorated, you use the kits the same way. And, both outcomes provide a high-quality end product that you can now offer as a service in your shop. 

Decorating the Side Panels of Each Hat

The process remains the same for both hats when using the Face Mask Kit for Heat Press to decorate the side panel of the hats. However, a main difference here is that because of the raised surface of the Top Plate, the Heat Transfer Vinyl is actually able to adhere to the Trucker Hat's mesh side panel just as well as the Dad Hat's cloth side panel. When HTV is heat pressed, it is essentially being melted to the surface on which it is pressed. With a regular heat press base, the Trucker Hat will not be able to lie flat enough to ensure a successful HTV press each time. But, by placing the side panel comfortably on the Top late and securing it with the hoop, it will lie flat and adhere properly. 

Overall, whether you are a full-force print shop, or an at-home apparel decorating hobbyist, our Heat Press Kits are vital to offering more in your shop, and unlocking your printing capabilities!


Now that you're getting the hang of our Heat Press Kits, check out what else you can do with them!

Products Used in the Project:

Captain Platen Kit for Heat Press

Face Mask Kit for Heat Press

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