How to Print Ladies Tees WITHOUT Head Strikes


How to print ladies tees! When it comes to apparel printing, you are bound to encounter orders that include ladies tees. But their fitted nature and smaller sleeve circumference makes for difficult production when it comes to how they fit-- or rather, how they don't fit-- on the standard platen that comes with your DTG printer. Figuring out how to effectively maneuver the shirt to lay flat on the platen and clear the height check without compromising the print takes up valuable printing time. Have no fear, though, the 10x12 Platen + Locking Hoop included in the Ultimate Print Shop Package is the solution to all your ladies tee woes!

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 12.17.02 PMWhat's the Difference?

The standard DTG platen included with your printer is great for basics like t-shirts and unisex apparel. But, if you try printing items like ladies tees, the structure and fit on the tee causes the sleeve seams to lay on top of the platen, and the size of the platen causes the shirt to stretch and warp. You'll quickly find that these issues cause the height sensor on your machine to go off. This is not a bad thing; the height sensor is there to prevent head strikes, which can lead to tons of costly repairs if ignored. However, in order to not trigger the height sensor, you will then need to lower the platen height substantially (after already spending time fumbling to get the shirt to lay flat!), which will decrease the overall quality of the artwork being printed. Combined with the stretching of the garment, this will result in a less-than-satisfactory order quality for both you and your customers. With a platen that caters to these factors, though, you can achieve high quality end-products and a fast production time! Enter: the 10x12 Platen + Locking Hoop included in Ultimate Print Shop Package!

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 12.16.32 PMScreen Shot 2022-03-16 at 12.16.46 PM

Though it is smaller in size to your machine's standard 14x16 DTG platen, this is on purpose. The platen being 10x12 allows for the printer to utilize as much print space as possible without stretching the garment, and keeping those cumbersome sleeve seams at bay!



How to Use the 10x12 Platen + Locking Hoop

Just simply install the Master Adaptor (included in the Ultimate Print Shop Package) on to your DTG printer, lock the 10x12 platen in place, load the ladies tee as you would load the standard platen, and lock it down with the patented 10x12 Locking Hoop. Then, you're ready to print!


What Are the Benefits?

1) All seams are kept out of the way and locked in place! The Locking Hoop holds the shirt down and keeps it there, thus preventing the seams from coming up while printing and causing a mid-print height sensor error or a ghost image of the print.

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 12.17.19 PM

2) You get the maximum amount of print space possible! Because all seams and obstructions are taken care of, this gives you free-reign to utilize the entirety of the available print space if desired! No more compromising with customers on the size of their artwork again!

3) Maintain top quality prints by eliminating the need to drop the platen height! Because you no longer have to worry about the height sensor going off, you can get the platen as close to the print head as possible. This results in the highest quality print as possible, which will lead to happier customers and more value coming out of your print shop!

Now it's no secret that as a print shop business, you have to make money. But, you also do not want to have to charge your customers an arm and a leg to place and order with you. The Ultimate Print Shop Package is the solution for all of that, providing you the ability to expand printing capabilities, and the value you need out of your DTG machine, every time.


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