No More Pretreating with the Hanes PrintNow Perfect Tee

TLDR: Skip the pretreat step and go straight to printing with the Hanes PrintNow Perfect T

This year at the Impressions Show in Long Beach we partnered with Hanes and Hirsch Solutions to show the new Perfect T with PrintNow Technology. What better way to demonstrate the benefits of the shirts than by live DTG printing at the show!

Brother GTX Printers

So we set up a Brother GTX Pro and Brother GTX Pro Bulk with our Transportable 14x16 Platens, a conveyor dryer and a heat press and got started! The benefit of the PrintNow shirts is that we can pull them out of the box, hit them with the heat press for 5-10 seconds and go straight into printing. Then we started printing them with our patented non-stop printing process! Full color center chest prints on black and navy blue shirts back to back. The prints looked great and the process was super fast because we cut out the pretreat part and we were printing non-stop thanks to our platens. 

So after 3 days of printing boxes of shirts, here are my thoughts on the pre-pretreated tees.

  • You eliminate the pretreat step
    • Faster production
    • Fewer machines
    • Less Labor
  • The ENTIRE SHIRT is pretreated
    • Print. On. Sleeves
    • So you can offer your customers additional placements without addition costs (labor and pretreat)
    • Offer your customers harder to pretreat print placements
  • Every Shirt is pretreated
    • Let's be honest, how many of us pretreat every white shirt we print
    • Every print has full vibrancy and better washability
    • No need to struggle pretreating curing difficult placements
  • Popular styles available
    • Black, Navy, Grey and White shirts which are the most popular colors at our print shop
    • With 6 more colors coming soon
    • There are even rumors of pre-pretreated hoodies coming soon!

Overall this is a great option for print shops that are getting into DTG and want to start without pretreating in-house. Great for print shops that want to go straight to print out of the box. Great for print shops that want to offer multiple placements on a shirt to up-sell or differentiate their services.

Alpha Broder carries the shirts now and S&S will carry them soon. So get yourself a tee and let us know what you think!