Printing 100 Hats with the Captain Platen Kit Production!



Has a customer ever wanted a huge order of hats, and you either had to deny it because you couldn't do it, or manage to do it but gave you a headache along the way? Well, here is where we're going to show you that this can job can turn from headache to fun, and match the profit.

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Loading the Captain Platen

  1. Place your Captain Platen on the Setup Station with the Top Plate closest to you and the locking bar pushed up and away from you and lock the platen in place by pushing the platen's side knobs inward.
  2. Undo the back straps on the hat and slide the hat brim under the front bar.
  3. Tuck the sweatband, any tags, and all inner layers underneath the Top Plate and pull the hat toward you until it is laying flat, ensure the top of the hat brim is aligned with the top of the platen and the sides of the brim are aligned with the sides of the platen.
  4. Pull the hat's front panels taut and engage the locking bar by pulling it back toward you and locking it in place under the Top Plate. 
  5. Tug at the sides of the front panels to get the surface as flat as possible.
  6. Remove the loaded Captain Platen from the Setup Station and place it on the Master Adaptor
  7. You are now ready to print on your hat!

While the first hat is printing...

  1. Place the second Captain Platen on your Setup Station and load the next hat while the first one is printing
  2. Once the first hat is done printing, remove the Captain Platen from the Master Adaptor and replace it on the Setup Station
  3. Switch out the loaded, unprinted second Captain Platen from the Setup Station on to the Master Adaptor and send it through the printer
  4. Unload the first hat and reload with a new one
  5. Repeat the process and watch as your large hat orders are completed faster and more efficiently than they have ever been before!

Because of the efficiency in the time it takes to load the Captain Platen, along with there being no need to reset, create special jigs, or tape down anything on your print space, your shop's overall production value increases immensely! The Captain Platen Kit is your solution to building and maintaining profitability. Whether it's two hats or 2,000, your print shop is capable!

Products Used in This Project:

Captain Platen Kit Production

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