Project: DTG Full Front Hat Print


                                                  Dia De Los Muertos Hat S

Have you ever wanted to print on the front of hat and let it run off into the bill? Did you ever even think that was possible? Well now it is, thanks to the Captain Platen Classic. 

  1. Pretreat your chosen hat
    (Important Note: Unconstructed hats are better for Full Front hat printing)
    1. Make sure to thoroughly cover entire expected print area with pretreat
       Key Tip: To save pretreat, we suggest spraying the front of hat by hand and evenly coating with brush
    2. You can also use the Ecofreen Mister - T1/T2 
    3. Let it sit until it is dry to the touch


  2. Load & Position Hat on the Captain Platen
    1. Load the hat, for a step by step instruction, you can check out  How to Load a Hat
    2. For this project, you want to insure the center break between the bill and the front panel is 3 inches from the bottom
  3. Upload Design into Garment Creator
    1. Download the design we used in this project here
    2. You will want to be careful with this step because this is where placement is key (no pun intended) 
    3. You will want to place this design 1.75 inches from the bottom (or 3.5 boxes)
  4. Print the Design
    1. Transport the Captain Platen from the Setup Station to the Master Adapter on your EPSON F2100
       Key Tip: Start your height check at number 2 until you clear the height sensor for best results
    2. Hit Print
  5.  Unload the Hat
    1. Transport the Captain Platen from the Master Adapter back to the Setup Station 
    2. Remove the hat from the Captain Platen 
  6. Done.

                                              IMB_50tvgwDia De Los Muertos Hat S

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