Hot Off the Press: MORE Printing Options!

Our Heat Press Kits open up your shop to a great deal of versatility. They are capable of implementing heat-transfer vinyl, dye-sub, screen printed transfers, direct to film transfers, and more! So whether you are a print shop, a clothing brand owner, or an Etsy crafter, the Face Mask Kit for Heat Press will benefit you!

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In this project, we are sticking to the basics by producing a large order of face masks using film transfers of the logo of our client's business. 

Setting Up the Heat Press Adaptor

The Heat Press Adaptor is included in all Heat Press Kits, and it is the item that transforms your Heat Press into a high productivity machine! With this adaptor, you can use all our Heat Press platens interchangeably without having to stop and reset your production space! To do this, just remove the standard base of your heat press, and place the Adaptor in its spot. Then, you're set!


Loading the Face Mask Platen for Heat Press

  1. Place the Face Mask Platen with the 3x6 Top Plate installed on to the Setup Station.
  2. Place the face mask on the Top Plate. If your print is to be centered, then center the mask to the Top Plate, if it is to be off-center, place the mask as such, and etc.
  3. Place the corresponding 3x6 Hoop around the Top Plate and ensure the surface of the face mask is flat and secure by gently tugging at the sides of the mask while holding down the Hoop until and wrinkles or creases have flattened out.

Applying the Transfer to the Apparel

  1. Now, you can either place your transfer on the mask and tape it down with heat tape and then move it from the Setup Station to the Heat Press Adaptor, OR you can move the loaded Face Mask Platen from the Setup Station to the Heat Press Adaptor and tape your transfer down in place from there. 
  2. Heat press the transfer on to the mask according to your heat press's and transfer film's suggested time and temperature settings. We set ours at 290F for 10 seconds
  3. After pressing, peel off film in one fluid motion.


And that's all! Now, you can continuously load, press, and repeat for a whole batch and have it complete in no time!

Products Used in This Project:

Face Mask Kit for Heat Press

Heat Press Adaptor


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